BW5 Benzine Water Heater

A perfect heaters special for Gasoline Auto and Gasoline RV

  • Application: RV, Truck, Yacht,etc.
  • Model: BW5 Gasoline Water Heater
  • Voltage: DC12/24V
  • Thermal Power: 5000W
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.69L/H
  • Lowest Working Temperature: -40℃
  • Dimension/Packaging: 220*86*160mm/472*480*250mm
  • Weight: 2.3KG
  • Fuel: Diesel, Gasoline

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The Diesel Heater is Completely Environment Friendly, Please Check the Certificate


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Water Heater

You Need a Diesel Water Heater?

Of course, You Need a Diesel Water Heater, because you Have to Warm the Cabin, as well as Heat the Engine in Winter.

With the Installation of Water Heater for RV, Hot Water can be Supplied for Bathing very Easily.

So Just Enjoy the Perfect Travel Now.


5KW Parking Heater Application: Heating Up Both Auto’s Motor and Cabins of Vehicles.

The Parking Heater (Named “BW5 Parking Heater”) is Adopted in Warming Motors of Auto, Heating Space of Cabin and Car’s Defrosting

With Heating Coolant of Auto,  the BW5 can Heat the Coach、Bus、Yacht which Has Large Cabins.

BW5 Parking Heater has been Applied in Truck, Construction Vehicle, Special Vehicle, RV, Yacht, Bus, Coach, Bullet Train, etc.

Exclusive Advantages:

DW5 Parking Heater is 2019 New Style, the Improvement as below:

Exclusive Heat Exchanger:

To Improve the Heating Efficiency, We Adopt New Mould of Heat Exchanger, Which Adopt Spiral Structure. The Spiral Structure can Transfer the Heater Better.

The New Style can Make the Parking Heater 5% Higher Efficiency.

Heat Exchanger

Anti-Carbon Deposition:

Combustion Chamber of BW5 Parking Heater Adopt Patents of Heater Auto Technology Co., Ltd: Carbon Deposition Prevention Technology.  The Parking Heater Can Perform Perfect Even in Extreme Enviroment

Various Fuel:

The New Style of Benzine Parking Heater (Named “BW5 Parking Heater” ) Has Been Developed, as per DW5 Parking Heater.


the Coolant of Automobile’s Motor is Heating Up by Combustion of Fuel, then the Hot Coolant will be Put Into the Automobile’s Inner Circulation System and Outer Circulation System. With Application of Radiator and Defroster, Hot Coolant Warming Up the Passenger’s Compartment and Defrosting the Vehicle

Gasoline Heater

Structure of BW5 Parking Heater:

Diesel Heater Parts


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