HEATER’s air parking heater and coolant parking heater is very fit for yacht

DA2 and DA4 will be used to warm up the rooms or cabins of yacht. You can choose more air parking heater if the cabins is large

DW5 or DW12 coolant parking heater will be ok if you want to warm up the engine.

The coolant heater can be also adopted with HEATER’s radiator to heat the cabins or rooms of yacht.

The fuel is only diesel, because almost the yachts use diesel

Solutions for Yacht:

Solution 1:Air Parking Heater (DA4)

Yacht Parking Heater



Solution2: Coolant Parking Heater+Radiator+ Heat Exchanger

Coolant Parking Heater
Coolant Parking Heater

DW5 Parameter:

DW5 Details:

DW12 Parameter:

DW12 Details:

Radiator :

Passenger's Car 2019-06-04

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