Questions from Customers


1. What is the difference on quality or price in comparison with other brands?

i. We use brushless motor which could prolong the life term of heater, while other suppliers use brush motor

ii.We make some improvement on the gasket for combustion chamber, which increases the leakproofness

iii. We make some advancement on the combustion chamber, which greatly reduces the carbon deposition effect

iv. We conduct some adjustment on the heater exchanger, which increases the heating efficiency

v. Finally, our heater is more cost-effective. The cost is around 1/3 that of some brands

2. Is your parts interchangeable with Eberspacher’s parts?

Yes, most of parts are interchangeable with them meaning you now have the options to use Chinese service parts in your Eberspacher unit at a fraction of the cost.

3. What is the MOQ for spare parts of heater?

The mainly damageable parts are combustion chamber, and the MOQ is 50 pcs.
Moreover, the MOQ of fan motor is also 50pcs.
For the remaining spare parts, they could be shipped along with the combustion chamber or fan motor in the same carton box.

4. What are the most common service parts for air heaters?

Burner, glow plugs and gaskets, these parts we carry in stock for the replacement.

5. What is your warranty?

In general, the warranty period is calculated from the time when the clients receive our cargo.
While for the distributors, we could calculate the warranty period after they receive our cargo for 3 months. During the 3 months, if they sell the heater to the end user, the warranty period could be calculated from the date when the end user receives the cargo.

6. Could you put our logo on your heater?

Yes, we could put your logo on our heater.

7. Do you have sales representative or agent locally?

We have several agents in some countries or areas. At the same time, we are looking for agent globally. Please feel free to contact us if you have interests on it.

8. Does your heater have a thermostat?

Yes, our heater support fixed power mode or thermostatic mode.

9. Is your heater suitable on high altitude?

Yes, our heater is successfully tested on the Tibetan Plateau (Tibet) 18,044 feet (5500m) from the sea level.

10. Is your heater suitable for marine application?

Yes, our heater could be applied for marine occasion.

11. Do you supply spare parts?

Yes, we have spare parts in stock all the time.

12. Can you supply exhaust pipe of specific length?

Yes, we could offer it based on your requirements.

13. What is the difference between Heater products and other Chinese cheaper copy heaters?

Most of the Chinese copies are manufactured and sold by third party individuals without any warranties, support or even spare parts.
Heater is a 10 years factory, which adopt Germany original production line and all the finished products come with diagnostics for simple fault finding, which ensured the same quality with Germany Heaters.

FAQ of Diesel Heater
FAQ 2019-07-06