1.The diesel heater need electricity and fuel, i think it cost more?

In fact, the diesel heater cost very very little fuel and electricity. With the fast warming cabins, as well as engine, the auto can fire very easily and needn't to start in very very low temperature. With the application of diesel heater, you can save more money, as the auto will be less fuel consumption and engine will protect even better.

2. Why should i need a diesel heater?

With the development of auto, the engine is much more efficient, so energy  is not enough for warming the cabin in winter. In addition to, the engine is very difficult to start in low temperature. So you need an auxiliary diesel heater, both for the engine and cabin heating.

3.  Is the diesel heater with more exhaust?

Thanks to the development of engine technology and production process. The auto engine will produce very very little exhaust.

The diesel heater from HEATER Auto Electrical Co., Ltd is efficient, and with very very little exhaust.

So please install the diesel heater to your cars, RV, Truck and so on.

4. Is the diesel heater bad smell?

The reason of bad smell: the diesel heater is designed with bad material for cover, and the diesel heater with a lot of exhaust.

Even better Cover than Eberspacher's  heater is adopted in the production of diesel heater, so there won't be bad smell

In addition to,  Our diesel heater is high efficient, so there will be very very little exhaust, then bad smell can be ignored, too.

5. Is your diesel heater good for environment?

Of course, the auto will start easily and will produce less exhaust such as CO2, so it is environment friendly.

6. Is your heater certified?

Yes, the heater boasts of IATF16949:2016, E-Mark 9, E-Mark 13

7.Is the heater fit for my car?

All our heater is designed for almost all the vehicles. so please install the heater to your car without hesitate.

Please contact us and a perfect solution will be supplied to you.

8.Can i install the heater by myself?

Yes, the installation is very easy, and you can install it all by yourself.

Of course, the professional engineer will be better and safer.

9.How can i start the diesel heater?

You can start the diesel by the digital controller, remote controller, and mobile

The distance of remote controller will be 1000 meters, and mobile is not distance limited

10. The tank will be empty if a diesel heater is adopted?

We have consider this situation, so we design the suitable fuel intake line, and the line will never reach to the bottom of tank. So the diesel heater will stop working, and will save enough fuel for your auto

11. The electricity of auto will be exhausted by diesel heater?

The diesel heater will consume very little electricity. However, the thumb regular should be followed: the working time of diesel heater should be less than driving time.

12. The installation kits will be supplied together?

Yes, the heater, the spare parts, installation kits will be supplied together. Installation can begin immediately.

13. How long does it take to warm the cabin?

It will depend on the set temperature, as well as the size of cabin

Thanks to the developed Germany production technology and Germany production line, it will generally take 15 minutes to 30 minutes to warm.

14. How often for the maintenance?

Generally speaking, the diesel heater needn't to be maintained.

To prevent the damage from carbon, 10 minutes diesel heater run per month is highly appreciated.