DW16.3-30 Coolant Heater

most powerful heaters for almost all auto heating

  • Model: DW16 Diesel Water Heater
  • Voltage: DC12/24V
  • Thermal Power: 16000W
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Fuel Consumption: 2.0L/H
  • Lowest Working Temperature: -40℃
  • Dimension/Packaging: 550*300*260mm
  • Weight: 22KG
  • Fuel: Diesel



Do you Need the 16.3KW-30 KW Coolant Heater?

Of course, you need it. For Bus, Coach, Engineering Machinery, Special Machinery, The Engine could not Produce Enough Heating Energy for Cabin, or could not Supply Heating all the time. The Cabin will be very Cold when the Engine is off. So How could you Deal with the Situation?

A Diesel Coolant Heater will be here for Help. A Diesel Heater can Warm the Engine and Heating the Cabin all the time.

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16-35KW Diesel Parking Heater Application: Warming Up Both Motor and Passenger’s Compartment

The Parking Heaters (Named “DW16 Parking Heater”) is Adopted in Warming Motors of Auto, Heating Space of Cabin and Car’s Defrosting.

DW16 Parking Heater is Specially Adopted in Bus, Coach, Special Vehicle, Tank, etc.

Exclusive Advantages:

Various Version:

DW16 Parking Heater Has 16KW Version, 24KW Version, 30KW Version, 35KW Version, and Can Satisfy Various Requests.

Various Structure: Centrifugal Atomization Parking Heater and High Pressure Nozzle Parking Heater,  the Customers can Choose according to Specific Requirements


the Coolant of Automobile’s Motor is Heating Up by Combustion of Fuel, then the Hot Coolant will be Put Into the Automobile’s Inner Circulation System and Outer Circulation System. With Application of Radiator and Defroster, Hot Coolant Warming Up the Passenger’s Compartment and Defrosting the Vehicle

Coolant Heater

Structure of Coolant Heater:

Water Heater

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